Knot Right Supply LLC

Quality products for rope fiends.

KRS LLC is a community focused seller of rope and related products for consensual adult play.

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Here at KRS, we believe in giving back to the community.  As such, we run a sponsorship program.

This is not just advertisement for us.  We see this as a way to support rope communities and foster growing rope as an art/discipline.  Whether supporting a known rope artist or an unknown up-and-comer, we see it as a way to support them and their work, and by extension, their community.

Typically, we invite riggers to be sponsored, offering them products in exchange for them sharing their experiences with others, giving credit in any photography or other presentation work, providing information on how people can order the products from us, et cetera.

At this time, we are sponsoring the following riggers:

  • Puck – Lexington, KY