Knot Right Supply LLC

Quality products for rope fiends.

KRS LLC is a community focused seller of rope and related products for consensual adult play.

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Knot Right Supply LLC is a community-focused purveyor of rope and related goods, located in Kentucky.

We are a small group of friends, all of us rope enthusiasts, looking to advance rope as a discipline.  We know how tough it can be to get started in finding the right products at the right price.  We know how it can be difficult for new groups to get off the ground.

So we set out to form KRS.  To not only provide great products at reasonable prices, but also to give back to our community.  We do this not only in the form of outreach and relationship building across our region, but also in sponsorships and club discounts.  Additionally, a portion of the profits from certain of our products are donated in the form of cash or other in-kind donations back into our local community.