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Exciting new partnerships!


KRS is pleased to announce they are now an authorized retailer of Capt_Bill hardware! Capt_Bill makes some of the best stainless steel hardware around.  And we are pleased to announce we will be carrying authentic Capt_Bill hardware in inventory!

At this time we will carry three styles of his rings: Standard, Triskeli, and Burner.  Each ring is handmade, has seamless fluid welds, and is tested to 1200 pounds of force.

And let's not forget the nose hooks and mouth hooks!

All of this hardware is available for sale right now on our website.  We also will be offering other Capt_Bill hardware very soon.


KRS is beyond excited to announce they have also partnered with M0co!  We will be offering his MBE line of M0co Jute, conditioned by KRS.  Inventory will be available very soon.

We also have other ideas in the works with M0co, so stay tuned for more news!

New Hardware

KRS now carries carabinersaccessory rings, and rigging plates from Kong, an Italian manufacturer of quality climbing equipment.  Additionally, we are carrying the Osprey AL carabiner from Sterling Rope.

These carabiners meet the criteria the KRS team uses in selecting their own carabiners.  They are oval to provide for even loading, and they have a smooth round profile to prevent unnecessary stress on your rope.

Rigging plates are a great alternative to a steel ring.  This plate is lightweight and compact, yet provides for five separate points to attach carabiners.

The accessory rings are 46mm inside diameter, and are rated to 25kN.  They provide you a variety of options in your rope play: a smaller primary ring, acting as secondary ring to a primary ring, artistic focal points, and more.  Apply your creativity and show us what you can do with them.

KRS Team

COCONUT! Like you’ve never seen it before!

The KRS team are extremely excited to announce a new product.  KRS Coconut rope: some of the strongest, thickest, best flowing, heaviest coconut rope we’ve seen and held in our hands.

This stuff is amazing.  It has heft and body and does not easily tangle like most other coconut you’ve handled.  It is the same scratchy evil stuff you’ve come to know and love, only stronger and longer lasting than ever before.

Best of all?  Supplies are NOT limited, and we’ve dropped our prices dramatically. This is due to the KRS team working hard to establish strong supplier relationships and passing the savings on to our customers.

Check it out.  If you love coconut, you will love this rope.  Available by the foot/meter, 8m hanks, and 500 or 1000 foot rolls!


KRS Team

New Products, A Sale, & More

We just announced a new product. KRS Wax: pre mixed blocks of beeswax and jojoba oil, blended in our KRS recipe to create a perfect wax block for conditioning your natural fiber rope. 

Also, as a thank you to all our customers who made our first quarter of business so great, we are having a sale! 

Holiday Bound 2014 is a customer appreciation sale on all our products. It lasts through the end of the year. Use coupon code HOLIDAY-BOUND-2014 at checkout to save. 

Last, we have some great things coming. We are about to post some great new Furoshiki and Tenugui for sale. And we are about to start a clearance portion of our store; we will sell odds and ends there (fabric remnants, R&D prototypes or equipment, et cetera).

And best of all we are about to announce some great news about one of our products. We should have full details and an announcement soon. 


KRS Team

New products!

The last few weeks have been very busy here at KRS. We have been working hard to firm up supplier relationships and bring new products to market. 

We are very pleased to a announce the following products to our inventory: coconut rope, stainless steel suspension rings, Myerchin stainless steel marlinspikes, Hempex, an additional Hemp, and 550 paracord in 200 plus colors/patterns!

We are also evaluating new suppliers and products for our waxing and oiling services and supplies we offer. We have found a new supplier of Certified Organic beeswax and jojoba oil, both of them with options for natural scent as well and without scent. Once we have confirmed the quality of the product, we will likely revise our waxing and oiling options to allow you to choose natural scent or scentless. 

We will continue to strive to provide you with the best products at the best prices we can offer. If you have feedback for us, please do not hesitate to contact us! 


KRS Team