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Quality products for rope fiends.

KRS LLC is a community focused seller of rope and related products for consensual adult play.

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Welcome to our online store.  Our current products are available for browsing and purchase.

New To Rope?

If you are new to rope play, and aren’t sure which rope is right for you, read our rope selection guide.

Using Our Store

When you are filling your cart with Rope, please be sure to review the Rope Options.  If you want your rope conditioned a certain way, you will need to make certain you buy a quantity of Rope Options equivalent to the rope you are purchasing.  For example:

You wish to purchase 8 hanks of our Hemp.  You also want our Premium Conditioning Package for all 8 hanks.  So you would add 8 hanks of Hemp rope to the cart, then add 8 of the Premium Conditioning Package to the cart.

Right now, our store only has hanks for sale (8m for everything except nylon which is 30/15/7.5ft).  We are investigating by-the-foot/by-the-meter as well as bulk sales, but at this time if you are interested in different lengths or a large volume purchase (40ft, 50ft, dozens of hanks, a whole spool, et cetera), please email us.

Product Origin

All of our products will display their Product Origin.  This tells you the generalized point of origin of the product, so you know what you are getting.  “Sourced” means we have sourced the product from a supplier; KRS did not MAKE the product, and instead we have selected to make that manufactured product part of our inventory due to its quality.  “KRS” means we at KRS have hand-crafted the product from raw materials.  “Artisan” means it is a hand-crafted Artisan product, but not from KRS directly (this will be used for artisan products in our inventory, made by fellow makers in the community).  In addition to these categories, we may sometimes include some additional notes if we feel they are helpful.

Do You Run A Rope Club?

Additionally, if you are a rope club/group and are interested in taking advantage of our club discount program, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss it with you.


Otherwise, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.



KRS Team